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    In order to deliver our products to you in the best way and to prevent all kinds of problems that may occur after delivery, all of products are presented to you by being packed with packaging elements having our corporate identity on them. 

    YUMAK's products are sold in Yumak package boxes with special printings.The technical features of these packaging boxes depend on the weight and width-length-height of products put into them. There is a standard printing designed for the boxes on all packaging boxes.

    A boxed YUMAK product has hologram product label on it. On this label, YUMAK and Ref. numbers, product name, used tools and dimensions of the product take place. The labels are attached on a place from where they can be seem when the product is on the shelf. Besides, the quality label on the box, which shows that the final control was made, is attached in a manner that it will self-destruct when the box is opened.You can understand from this label, whether the product you buy was taken out of its box before.

    All YUMAK products are put into Yumak printed bags and they are closed by heat. Make sure that the bag is not opened especially for repair sets consisting of multiple pieces.

    YumakotooYou can recognize a YUMAK product when you hold it.If there is a place on the product, to attach additional metal label, then there will be a metal label having product code and production lot code on it, otherwise Yumak code, Yumak number and production lot code are written by laser printing on the product. You can see the sample application photos in the photo album menu.